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Irene Malizia is not only a violinist and composer, she is also a teacher. Her teaching fields range from violin to composition, from theoretical subjects to improvisation and early music education for children.
She got Master’s Degree in Instrumental music education under Prof. Sandra Fortuna in Italy, where she also graduated for the First Grade of “Orff Schulwerk methodology”. After she moved to Austria where she studied Violin and Instrumental Music Education with Veronica Kröner (Joseph Haydn Konservatorium, Eisenstadt).

Specialized in creative methodology in instrumental teaching, is particularly involved in researches in instrumental music education. In particular, her work aims to experiment new methods of instrumental learning and teaching for pupils and students. She is teacher for violin, composition, Music Theory, Harmony, Improvisation, early music education and creative musical activities by Variando musica. She is also violin Assistant of Prof. Veronica Kröner at Joseph Haydn Konservatorium. She is currently leading a PhD Research Project at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.


Further Media available also on Soundcloud and Youtube

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