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Colori e Multiforme, 5 pieces for violin solo with increasing level of difficulty. With explanations and preliminary exercises for the special violin techniques used.
In German, English and Italian

Colori e Multiforme, the DVD. Includes: practical examples of experimental composition; the five compositions played live by the students; sample lessons, exercise suggestions and explanations of contemporary violin techniques used; Conversations between composers, teachers and musicians.
In German, English and Italian

Colori e Multiforme, the book and the DVD.

The colors of Spanish Music, Tango and Jazz.
Duo Variando: Irene Malizia, Violin
Angelo Tatone, Guitar

Piazzolla, De Sarasate, Reinhardt, Palmer & Williams, Atkins

Souls and Personalities. Compositions by Irene Malizia from duo to quintet for different instruments: piano, alto saxophone and accordion, flute, violine, cello, clarinet.

2 CDS:
The colors of Spanish Music, Tango and Jazz with Duo Variando and Souls and Personalities, compositions by Irene Malizia

Anima(ae), three pieces for solo Clarinet.
I. Natura, for E-flat Clarinet
II. Creation, for B-flat Clarinet
III. Meditatio, for Bass-Clarinet.

Metamorfosi di una Stella, Piano Trio.