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Current Projects

Project “Tema e Variazioni”

Revisitations and arrangements for 4 violins of baroque compositions by Vitali, Corelli, Handel and original compositions by Irene Malizia on the topic “Theme and Variations”.

Composers: T. Vitali (1663 – 1755), A. Corelli (1653 – 1713), G. F. Haendel (1685 – 1759), I. Malizia (1987)
Arrangements for 4 violins: Irene Malizia
Violin(s): Irene Malizia & Special Guests
Recording and Audio and Video Mixing: Irene Malizia

Here the Trailer of T. Vitali, Ciaccona in Sol Minore.

Project “The 4our Elements plus”

“The 4our Elements plus” is a collection of electroacoustic compositions by Irene Malizia, regarding the 4 elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Two of the compositions have already been completed and performed publicly, two others are currently in progress. The project includes the addition of a fifth piece dedicated to the fifth element: the Quintessence.

Composer: I. Malizia (1987)
Compositions: I. Fire, for E-Guitar and Electronic – II. Air (Work in Progress) – III. Water (Work in Progress) – IV. Earth, for Violin, E- Guitar and Electronic – V. Quintessence (Work in Progress)
Artists: Irene Malizia, Violin and Electronic – Angelo Tatone, E-Guitar
Recording and Audio and Mixing: Irene Malizia

Here you can listen extracts of FIRE and EARTH

Previous Projects

Colori e Multiforme

(2011 – 2018)

From Composition to Live-Performance. Irene Malizia publishes an Educational DVD as a result of her artistic and pedagogical research project. The idea started with the publication of the above mentioned book ( ) containing five pieces for solo violin, of increasing difficulty, with special violin technique explanations and preparatory exercises, and ended with this educational DVD ( ), as documentation of the entire research process. The objective of this research project is to evaluate the impact that instrumental exploration and experience with contemporary music have on the musical and instrumental development of pupils and students. The book and the DVD are both available by Doblinger as well as by Variando musica.

Colori e Multiforme – The Trailer

Anton Greift nach den Sternen

(2016 – 2017)

“Anton Greift nach den Sternen” is a children’s theater piece about the story of Anton Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony. The music, about 45 minutes long, includes original compositions by Irene Malizia with musical quotes from Anton Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony. The pieces were written for Ensemble (Flute, Horn, Violin, Cello, Piano) and Children’s Choir. The work was performed during the Summer of 2017 at the St. Florianer Bruckner Festival in St. Florian.


(2015 – 2016)

Childhood is a project about a composition who is written for children and made in part by children. It represents a message to the world about the importance of and respect for childhood. It is a hymn to life!
It is a composition for Ensemble which includes also the use of electronic music as well as video support. While the music has been entirely composed by Irene Malizia, the images represent quotations of famous texts written by poets and pedagogues. The images are explained and accompanied drawings, that children realized on those quotations.

Look at the Video of Childhood